Height: 178cm | Bust: 79cm | Waist: 62cm | Hips: 85cm | Dress Size: 8 | Shoe Size: 8

How did you start modelling?
A: I started modelling when I got signed with Mystique, before that I had been doing some fun "photoshoots" with friends and family taking photos of me.

Who’s encouraged you to get to where you are now?
A: My close family and friends, they just support whatever I am passionate about. I am so lucky to have them.

What is the number one thing you like most about modelling?
A: The thing I love most about modelling is its beauty- beautiful garments, beautiful hair and make-up, beautiful people inside and out, beautiful photos, beautiful places and beautiful experiences.

Why do you love being signed with Mystique?
A: I love being signed with Mystique because it is the most down-to-earth, supportive, family-like agency and they invest a lot of time and care into each and every one of their models.

What’s your ultimate modelling goal?
A: My ultimate goal, without a doubt, would be to walk in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

What type of modelling would you say is your specialty?
A: I can't pin down one type yet; just loving everything I am doing! I would most like to develop all things catwalk and high fashion as my specialities.

Describe yourself in one word.
A: Uplifting.