Height: 165cm | Bust: 86cm | Waist: 61cm | Hips: 91cm | Dress Size: 8 | Shoe Size: 8

How did you start modelling?
C: My friend in the agency told me about the casting and I decided to show up for fun. Then I surprisingly got chosen!

Who's encouraged you to get to where you are now?
C: My brother and good friends out of everyone really encourage me.

What is the number one thing you like most about modelling?
C: I love expressing visual emotion and power through a picture. But most of all i love being on set with creative people.

Why do you love being signed with Mystique?
C: I can joke around and have fun because they are like family.

What's your ultimate modelling goal?
C: To become well known in the industry.

What type of modelling would you say is your specialty?
C: Commercial and high fashion.

Describe yourself in one word.
C: Bubbly