Height: 176cm | Bust: 86cm | Waist: 70cm | Hips: 81cm | Dress Size: 8 | Shoe Size: 9

How did you start modelling?
R: I've been modelling since a kid, but started out properly being scouted for the top New Zealand agency, 62 models, while working at a supermarket.

Who's encouraged you to get to where you are now?
R: My mum is my back bone, she knows what is good for me and decisions that will help me in the future, so she really help me along with the process - she has always been there for me.

What is the number one thing you like most about modelling?
R: The people you get to meet - I've made some amazing friends in the modelling world, including designers.

Why do you love being signed with Mystique?
R: They are friendly and really care about getting you work. They also don't charge you fees - which gives you a chance to just worry about getting yourself out there.

What's your ultimate modelling goal?
R: Every girl would say Victoria's secret! I'm one of those girls.

What type of modelling would you say is your specialty?
R: Ad campaigns, catalogues, billboards. I've been told I'm more commercial rather than high fashion. But I am also good on the runway.

Describe yourself in one word.
R: Different (in a good way)