Height: 171cm | Bust: 83cm | Waist: 68cm | Hips: 81cm | Dress Size: 8 | Shoe Size: 7

How did you start modelling?
T: I started modelling when I entered the station square shopping centre model search in 2007… I won it

Who’s encouraged you to get to where you are now?
T: My mum has always supported me with anything I’ve wanted to do

What is the number one thing you like most about modelling?
T: I love modelling because it just feels right, it makes me happy. I love working with such creative people and making masterpieces

Why do you love being signed with Mystique?
T: It’s great because it’s boutique! Also everyone is super supportive, we’re all like family.

What’s your ultimate modelling goal?
T: To be signed in the US, and model for major commercial stores such as Dish, Cotton On, Supre and Lorna Jane.

What type of modelling would you say is your specialty?
T: Runway, and commercial

Describe yourself in one word.
T: Unique